Anamore wins building remediation project in Bristol


Anamore has started work on a £1.2 million cladding remediation and structural safety project at Verdigris in Bristol, England.

The work on the 5-storey apartment complex, situated in the Old Market Quarter commenced in October 2023 and is projected to take 6 months before completion. This highly complex project includes the removal of external standing seam copper cladding, external wall insulation (EWI) panels and red cedar louvre blades. During the process of removal, Anamore will protect the building’s integrity through rigorous safety measures which will then continue throughout the duration of the project.

Estate Management Solutions and Black Cat Building Consultancy are working together with Anamore to oversee the completion of the project and ensure that residents have peace of mind throughout the entire process. The work undertaken by Anamore will also include the installation of a non-combustible sheathing board, cavity barriers, and metal deck sheeting before installation of new patina green standing seam copper cladding to the existing building structure, bringing it back to life as a feature on the Bristol skyline.

Anthony Marley, Co-Founder and Director of Anamore, said: “We have worked alongside our colleagues in Estate Management Solutions and Black Cat Building Consultancy on this complex project. With no throughway access and space at a premium, our experience and background in the industry helps us provide practical solutions to challenging factors like these. We thrive on problem solving and are ready to make this project a success, to improve the safety of the building for the residents who live there and neighbouring building owners.

“We predict that throughout 2024, we will continue to see increased demand for building remediation work across the UK as the Building Safety Fund continues to progress. From high-rise cladding to balcony safety and more architectural projects like seamless copper cladding we’re ready to help support and complete remedial work across the country.”

Dan Hyde, Black Cat Building Consultancy said: “We are happy to be working with Anamore on this exciting project. Anamore has alleviated our concerns throughout this process and has been reassuring at a time when many homeowners are anxious about the next steps to achieving complete building safety on their apartments.”


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